Lori Roberts


Lori Roberts is a Master Level Life Coach, a nationally certified Wellness Coach, Reiki Master and Meditation Teacher.

Her life-long affinity for personal growth and helping others gained new momentum in 2004 when she began applying the principles and practices of optimum living. She then began experiencing first-hand what it means to mindfully connect more deeply with one’s own personal strength and use that energy to create the conditions for healing, growth and change.

For decades, Lori has studied and practiced various forms of mind-body healing and positive personal growth. These include Reiki, Coherent Breathwork, Insight Meditation, and Yoga. She has also personally studied with Tara Brach, PhD, and Jack Kornfield, PhD. who are world-renowned teachers in psychology, mind-body healing, and meditation.

In her work today, Lori blends practical coaching psychology and mindfulness with her own style of intuitive mind-body healing practices. This provides an experience for her clients to understand and connect more deeply with themselves, and learn to better influence what comes next.

Outside of her professional life, Lori is a devoted mother, a skilled artist and a lover of both nature and the performing arts. She has designed and facilitated community based youth programs for enriching self-confidence and creative self-expression. She has also created positivity-based discussion groups for Seniors, and facilitated many of our Center’s Wisdom Dialogue groups for adults.