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Kristen Huetz


Kristen graduated from Montclair University with a bachelors degree in Psychology, before becoming a nationally certified Master Life Coach. She also completed extensive AMS certification training at the Montessori Center for Teacher Development, and is a child development and parenting coach.

Along with Life Coaching, Kristie’s professional experience has included being a FMLA Counselor and Case Manager for AT&T, a Group Facilitator for women at the Chatham Senior Center and a teacher at the Montessori Children’s Academy.

Kristie’s involvement with the perspectives and practices of Optimum Living began in the early 1990’s when she began working here as a Group Facilitator and Assistant to the Director.

Outside of her professional role as a Master Life Coach, Kristie is a conscientious wife and mother, a lover of nature and music, artistic, creative and a service-minded community volunteer. Before she was married, Kristie spent many months providing on-site aid to villagers in Ghana.

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