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Kevin Simonson


Coaching sessions with Kevin are like sharing a good cup of coffee with a friend who’s also sought the answers you seek. Kevin’s knowledge and insight comes from the direct experience of his own trials and tribulations. He understands the challenges of everyday life, and how common it is for the details to bog us down. With a masterful approach, Kevin sheds light upon the growth opportunities so often hidden within these challenges. He knows that partnering with a trusted companion is the most natural, most comfortable way to reach your goals while enjoying the process.

He brings a diverse academic and professional background to his coaching practice. Along with his National Board Certification as Master Life Coach, he holds a B.S. from Muhlenberg College and an M.S. from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.

Kevin’s multi-disciplinary career spans the arts and sciences, enriched by his understanding of psychology, relationship dynamics, physics, history, culture and design. He has received a number of professional awards, coauthored with Harvard Medical School scientists, and has been published in numerous journals. He has worked with the Center for Optimum Living for many years, and along with life coaching, he is a consultant on business, corporate and civic projects at both local and national levels.

Kevin loves the outdoors and exercise, and finds refuge in the obscure, quiet places within the busy northeast. When time allows, he brings his skills in the visual arts and photography to collaborations in live performances, lighting design and educational projects.

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