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Jorge Barreto


Jorge is a nationally certified Master Life Coach with a degree in Psychology from William Paterson University. For over 25 years, his innate compassion and problem-solving perspective has been empowering others to achieve more of their life’s best potentials.

His effective leadership, communication and mentoring skills have been honed through his experiences in various settings. These include his active service in the Marines, professional work in law enforcement, achievements in developing innovative programs for teens and school faculties, and in coaching a wide range of adult men and women dealing with a variety of challenges.

Since 2010, through learning and applying the perspectives and practices of Optimum Living, Jorge has taken his love of life and understanding of human behavior, motivation and potential to the next level. His focus is on helping others to perform and succeed at their own highest level.

In his personal life, Jorge is a devoted husband, committed father, and lover of nature and music. He values being active in his community and social groups, and takes great pride in being a loyal friend.

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