John Penola


John is a nationally certified Master Life Coach who has been providing guidance and mentoring for individuals and leadership groups for over ten years. Along with his ability as a recognized "teacher of the year" educator to bring clear light to the timeless life-wisdom available in both American and world literature, he masterfully facilitates group activities with goals ranging from enhancing self-understanding and expression to dealing with grief.

John is a Magna Cum Laude graduate of William Paterson University where he was the recipient of a number of other honors and awards. There his bachelor’s degree in Writing and Education was completed in the Literary and Performing Arts Honors Track. John also earned a Master of Education degree from The College of New Jersey where his thesis focused on the interaction of personality styles, learning preferences, and relationship dynamics. Additionally, John is completing his Master of Fine Arts in creative writing at William Paterson University.

John is a passionate proponent of the arts and finds great pleasure and inspiration through his own experiences as a poet, writer, musician, artist and singer. Family and friends are central to his lifestyle, as is his enjoyment of the outdoors when hiking, running, and biking.